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For the moment whe have just :

Some nice pictures of the 98 Thai boogie ...

Some pictures from the 1996 :

  • Philippe BESNIER on the job [105K]
  • EPCO Staff ready for the Parade [260K]
  • Roller Jumper Alain JACQUIER [72K]
  • Roller Jumper over a man [82K]
  • Roller Jumper over car [70K]
  • Free Flyer Omar ALEGHELAN ready for an Acro fly [160K]
  • EPCO Staff on the job [113K]

    Some pictures from the internal (wild)life
    of the Château-d'Oex Skydiving School

  • Thierry & Daniel after a special event [114K]
  • Florence after his first Reserve ride [194K]
  • Renate under shower [96K]

    If you have some remarques or ideas, just send me a mail.